Operational Services



Proper irrigation design can be the difference between labour intensive work which is prone to human error, or a robust automated system which caters for all your watering needs.

We work with the best engineers in this field, and will work with you to understand your needs and design a system that is right for you.


We offer;

  • Complete irrigation system design

  • Fertigation incorporation

  • Water source testing and amendment

  • Manual or automated options

  • Supplier/sourcing options with lead times and pricing


Tailored Nutrient Plan

Proper plant nutrition is key to ensuring success at all stages of growth. At Hempire, we understand that the process of choosing nutrients and writing a nutrient plan can be a daunting task. Let us help you with our tried and tested methods to write custom formulations that are right for you and your garden, including;


  • Custom formulation for plants at all stages of growth

  • Nutrient and vitamin selection

  • Supplier/sourcing options with lead times and pricing

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Product Formulation and development

We have over a decade of experience when it comes to formulating products for the CBD/hemp industry. We offer custom formulations for all market products, including oils, e-liquids and topicals, and will work with you to achieve a range of products that fit the needs of your brand, offering;


  • Exact formulation and ingredient specifications

  • Label writing and compliance

  • Sourcing of all ingredients, including CBD extract, with lead times and pricing

  • Sourcing of packaging with lead times and pricing


Genetics sourcing and optimisation

Whether growing indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse, every project has different needs when it comes to genetics.

Choosing the correct strains based on your particular style of grow or geographical location can be the difference between great quality produce and yields, versus poorly performing plants.

We provide;


  • Strain selection based on geographical location (outdoor)

  • Strain selection based on weather and climate

  • Strain selection based on artificial photoperiod (indoor/ greenhouse)

  • Sourcing of seeds with lead times and pricing


As well as taking other considerations into account, based on your project needs, such as cannabinoid and terpene profiles, expected yields, flavour profiles, sub-types for limited spaces, and much more!

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SOPs and GMP/GACP compliance

Standard Operating Procedures are the path to success within our industry, especially for those looking to comply with GMP and GACP standards.

These procedures give clear instructions on how to handle every aspect of your project, from seed to final product.

Our SOPs cater for every area of your project, including;


  • Mother plants

  • Clones and Propagation

  • Vegetative Growth

  • Flowering Growth

  • Harvest and post-harvest procedures

  • Shipping, receiving and material handling

  • Inventory control

  • Destruction of product

  • Sanitation and maintenance

  • Risk assessment

  • Compliant handling

  • Drying and curing

  • Extraction and distillation

And much more! Our extensive list will ensure your compliance!


Operational oversight and site visits

At Hempire, we offer operational oversight for those looking to ensure that current operations are up to standard, and meeting all requirements set out by SOPs.

We understand that the correct implementation of practices and procedures are paramount when it comes to guaranteeing the success of any project.

We offer;

  • 5-day site visits

  • 1-day site visits

  • Assessment of cultivation operations, including
    - Indoor facility and operations
    - Greenhouse operations
    - Outdoor farm operations, including suitability of plot and soil

  • Assessment of extraction equipment, including;
    - Sufficient capacity and efficiency for anticipated yields
    - Choosing of solvents and machinery based on client’s particular needs

  • Assessment of general equipment and supplies

  • Team analysis and roles

  • SWOT analysis


Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Your IPM program plays a crucial role when it comes to ensuring that your facility and farm maintain a healthy and sanitary environment for your plants.

Improper strategies can quickly cause pest infestations, botrytis and a host of other issues which are best kept at bay, rather than fighting a battle once the issue has already surfaced.

We provide;

  • IPM program writing, including;
    - Biological mitigation strategies
    - Chemical mitigation strategies
    - Sanitary mitigation strategies

  • Forms and logs

  • Sourcing of OMRI-listed IPM products, including lead times and pricing

Licensing, legal & regulatory

Cannabis legislation in Europe is a complex landscape which is constantly evolving, with laws applying differently in each territory. One thing is for certain though. The medical cannabis scene is opening up.

The Hempire team are able to assist our clients by guiding them through the different legislative frameworks to help them understand what can be done where, by who and how.


Once you have decided where you want to base your operations, you will need to undergo a process to obtain a license. Whether this is for cultivation, product formulation, design, distribution or retail sales, we are able to advise you on the license suitable for your needs. The team will be able to fully project manage the application phase.



  • Legal & regulatory analysis

  • Obtaining permits and licenses 

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