Naydan Porro

Co-Founder and Director

Naydan has over a decade’s worth of knowledge within the cannabis industry, with particular expertise in the field of cultivation.

Organic IPM management and tailored nutritional programnes are a key component to Naydan’s ethos when it comes to maximizing yield and potency.

He always seeks to bring new ideas to the cultivation side of the business (from seed to cured flower), and to push the boundaries of what are currently acceptable practices and beliefs, as he truly believes this is the only way the industry will continue to make positive progress on the cultivation front.

Naydan also has extensive experience with outdoor irrigation techniques and indoor hydroponics. New methodologies and concepts, especially for large-scale outdoor cultivation, are what motivate him to push himself into constantly adapting designs and ideas, to achieve the ultimate goal of any large-scale operation; maximizing plant output in terms of yield and potency, on a perpetual basis (where possible), while being as eco-friendly as possible, and ensuring that practices are such that cost per gram is as low as possible.

Naydan’s expertise sees him on the board of directors of several companies working across the cannabis and alternative medicine industries as Director of Operations, with responsibilities ranging from cultivation, to extraction and distillation.

Mark Twekesbury
Co-Founder & Director

Mark is a Chartered Certified Accountant and a Statutory Auditor Regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. 

He is the co-founder of TAG Consultancy, a Group of companies specialising in the provision of Audit, Accounting, AML and Compliance, Corporate Governance, Payroll Management, Business start-up and Development, Blockchain Strategy Advisory and Gibraltar Licensing Services.

Over the years Mark has worked in a number of prominent firms such as in EY, where he specialised in the audits of large insurance groups and e-money institutions. More recently, Mark was heavily involved in the DLT/crypto space and provided advisory services to a number of Gibraltar based Fin-Tech start-ups seeking to obtain a Gibraltar DLT license.
Mark also holds a First-Class Honours Degree in Accounting & Finance, an advanced Diploma from the Chartered Insurance Institute and a Non-Executive Director Diploma with the Financial Times.